Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Paint: A Perspective

Paint her beautiful
Slow. Deliberate
To give her meaning
To all that she does not understand

Paint her soul
With crimson and gold
So when winter falls
She'll have warmth to hold

Paint the day you met
So she'll never forget
Take all that you are
And trace it all around
Though time may bring distance
Love will keep you bound

Paint her soft
When the harshness of the
World has been enough

Paint your presence
Within her essence
After you've gone
She'll never feel your absence


Friday, October 23, 2009

I am growing to really love photography....think I might try my hand at it. I took this one with my cell phone and thought it came out pretty decent. Let me know what you think!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Here I Stand

The following piece is a piece that I am proud to not only post, but I am honored to do so. The only condition to posting this is that I would not publish the name behind the words. I can tell you this however. These words are spoken from the heart of a beautiful person facing his own battle for life. A truly gifted neurosurgeon, husband, father and friend who has touched the lives of so many and in his courageous journey to those who know and love him dearly- we find that he is touching our lives... To you we say "Thank you."

"This, then, is life. I am blessed by a rich, deep, and full life; I prize being surrounded and sustained by my beloved family, my special friends, my esteemed colleagues, and my entrusted patients. I am now starting a new adventure filled both with terror and with hope. It is overwhelmingly clear how grand the provenance is that governs the web of our lives. I am sufficiently grounded to respond, "'Tis a gift to be simple, 'tis a gift to be free", and to rejoice daily in the enoblement of true good work, in the transcendance to be found in other people, in the meaning and beauty of this world, and in the given mystery that is my life. I stand justified and assured of the promise of the future to come."

Friday, July 10, 2009


I love you from a place that is wounded but unafraid. With each passing day, I am coming to know healing by name, by touch, by feel. My senses are intrigued by the beauty that you shine through all of my windows of doubt and anguish. My peace wars no more and my silence is comfortably still now. To love is truly the greatest of gifts to bestow upon anyone. I have given and taken love and I have had love shatter me to pieces that cut my soul clean through. I neither bled nor cried. Devastation called me and I answered without a word. I settled down and we became one for a time that is until anger rose like a burning sun in my darkened world- exposing every inch of hurt and pain- he measured me and weighed me deeming me worthless, he threw me to the wind only to feel his wrath beat against my bare skin. Shards and daggers he flung with precision. Afraid I tucked myself in only to find there was nowhere to hide. I unraveled myself with uncertainty, but with each movement, I felt stronger. Hurling defeat at me, anger met a roar that raged out of me like an echo rushing over a dry land and we warred and here I stand- naked, battered, wounded, but unafraid...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Disconnected- Alya's Rant

Disconnected from myself
Attached to me draped like a cloak
Sharp, piercing daggers of anger consume me
A mirror's reflection reveals something that I do not recognize
My soul, heart and mind warring
Waging combat right here in the space
That peace used to know
Bitterness that won't let go
Or is it that I choose to hold? I don't know
Confused are the eyes that stare strangely at me
A familiar stranger? I am to myself
How can that be?
My cries for help come pouring forth with
Silent, muted screams
I pray to be heard, but no one is listening so it seems
My direction is all but lost
My lungs sting with rage
I can't hold it in because it burns
Where do I turn?...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I wrote this piece for a fellow writer and special person. I wrote it just looking at a photograph of him in black and white...

Quiet still water...
One touch
Peace- disturbed
Ripples of black and white
Painting you wonderful- vividly
Your smile dances with the
Sadness that dwells within me
Without you
I drift off into dreaming
In the height of day
As night falls across your eyes
My wish...
The day has treated you kind
Your voice
Has never echoed
In my space
Yet, I behold your face
Black and white
Speaking what words would only betray
No sound
No laughter
Just you

Monday, January 5, 2009


hey gal
all young and frayed
what be yo name?

you remind me of innocence
that ain't passed this way since...
hey gal, why yo hair so nappy
and yo clothes so filthy
ain't you got no
mammy or pappy?

hey gal
all young and frayed
what be yo name?
why you stare
like i'm barely there
don't you speak none
is you dumb?

why, sa i am but a gal
who came into this world
born free but shamed
by the hands of yo men
my mammy was raped

it was her innocence that once passed
stripped from her nakedness like a sash
tell me sa, does my eyes look familiar
does yo disgust like mine feel similar?

i traveled through the
the trenches
so please forgive me if
my hair is nappy
my clothes filthy
but you see sa
i come by way of
my mammy
the one you sold
now gone
why do you call me gal?
when you sa
is my pappy

© Alya Landry 2009

What My Eyes Have Seen

What My Eyes Have Seen
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Virgin Steel Lips

Virgin Steel Lips
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Pen And Pad

Pen And Pad
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