Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Blues Forooze (Virgin Steel Lips- Revisited)

{Inspired by Boney James "You Don't Have To Go Home}
A little outside my box, but this song was so cool, I had to write it...
Hey, I know you’re not suppose
To be here and I know you have go
But there’s a few things I just need to say…
A few things you need to know
Tell me, would you be surprised if you knew
I got a blues forooze called you?
I can’t front because you make my lies tell the truth
I can’t quite describe it as good as I sho it…but let me try
Umm…tell me sweetheart, haveyou ever been touched by words
Through unspoken lips
I mean your ears would listen
But it would be your eyes that heard
Oh, have you ever known love as an unselfish giver
I mean that kind of love that reaches down into your
Heart and makes your soul quiverOr kisses
That drip sweeter than molasses
Honey, I ain’t even gon’ ask
The story of abandonment dangles in your eyes
Let me comfort it-stay the night
Don’t tell me you have to go and I’ll ever see you again
Because it would have been better for me to be blind
So this picture of you wouldn’t replay in my mind
Darlin’ would you be surprised if you knew
The things I want from you?
Is nothing at all
Simply that other connection
When you pick up and call
Me for a little company
Tell me what you need
I left a second ago to get
To where you need me to be
This blues forooze
Is about to make me lose my cool
But I like it though is got me going insane
Funny, I know I’ll never have you
Close your eyes for a moment
And imagine feeling
Your tears sweat
And your apprehension forget
Don’t ask me because I can’t
Explain these blues
But wouldn’t you be surprised if you knew
How I try to shake you
From my mind
Only to turn around to
Find you’re taking my time
You got me bowing my head
Shooting rounds at these thoughts
But they refuse to stay dead
© Alya Landry 2008

Happy Sadness

I have a condition
Joy in my own rendition
Opposite of what the norm conforms
For my happiness takes the form of a storm
Called sadness
Yes indeed
I have a happy saddness
Wallowing in the blues
Showering in tears
Swimming in a lake of self-pity
Deep as oceans
At first glance it may appear as if I'm drowning
I shake my head to that notion
Your eyes are deceived by my motion
See, I'm not drowning
I'm one with the tide
I glide with the stride
Heavy waves to you
But calming waters to me
Don't think of it as madness
I'm happiest in my sadness
Just like your happiness
provides you feelings of grandeur
My sadness provides me with a comfort
That extends beyond your level of understanding
My sadness is not a weight that I carry
Nor a hate that I carry
My sadness is like a woman I'd marry
Been knowing her since the childhood years
She's always been around
She's the only constant in my life
Although she could never pick me up
She never lets me down
Always right on time
When the mood calls for it
Call me crazy
Doesn't matter
I'm at peace with my happy sadness

Monday, December 22, 2008

Did you fade away from my memory?
You stand still while time beats me
An echoing conundrum that is
Constant as unkind
Lodged in hollow space
I cannot reach out to feel you breathe again
Did you fade away?
Where did you go?
I dip my finger in the in the pond
That rest just below the cherry blossom tree
In an attempt to see your face reflecting in the ripples
I see nothing but the sadness in me that trickles
And the pain refuses to roll away
The rain begins to fall
And I am haunted by deafening sound
Each drop like a heavy thud-weightless
I am burden by sorrow
Begging for days gone to borrow
My tears and the rain
Where did you go?
Did you simply fade away like a sunset
That somehow I chose to purposely forget?
That couldn't be because with each
Sunrise you fade vividly back into my memory...
© Alya Landry 2008

Sad Soul

I find myself often times more than I care to share a feeling of sadness. I guess the best way to describe this is how some people are known for always feeling happy, I feel the exact opposite, but the irony in this powerful emotion is that it's comfortable. I love to laugh and joke, but I feel at home in the skin of sadness...Nothing to go figure, that's just what it is.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My eyes

I reflect back with the eye of the mind
That third sight
The clearest of vision
To portray all that I have seen
Which takes me to a place
The Ghetto

And in it, I have seen
The struggles of a people
Doing what they must to get by

I’ve seen hustlers always on the move
Always plotting, always planning
Walking, running, standing
In demand for those demanding
A taste of what they had
Magic dust
That impaired the third vision
And took them somewhere other than where they were
Although they never left

I have seen strength in the form of single mothers
Soft as cotton but tough as nails

I’ve seen nights without lights
Days full of haze
Project perils
And derelict ways

I’ve seen lines for free lunch
And very little for dinner
Picket lines
Dollar dreams
Lottery tickets
But no winners

I’ve seen summer days where the ice cream truck would ride by
But I couldn’t whistle to stop
For a Popsicle to pop
Because Pop’s had empty pockets
And not even a pot to piss in

I’ve seen playgrounds of shard glass
All concrete, no grass
Careful steps taken past a bloody syringe
I’ve seen stacks of old tires
And trash can fires
With men who stand around in a drunken binge

I’ve seen the worst of situations
That brought out the best
Of those who had less
But gave so much more

I’ve seen beauty within the beast
And those who would preach
That it wasn’t all bad to be considered poor

I’ve seen a world outside of my hood
And some places where I stood
Reassured me that in this world there is some good

I’ve seen people who shared flowers
Lovers that danced in rain showers
Proposals, and commitments, and love at its best

I’ve seen relationship trials
And relationship struggles
And quite a few relationships that withstood any test

I’ve seen the earth’s magnificence

Tall trees older than me
Mountains that touch the heavens
Oceans with endless bottoms
All with their own stories to tell

I’ve seen changing seasons
That has caused barren fields
To come alive with color and life
Only to wither away and restart the cycle

Which made me look at life in the same manner
So many people
So many colors
So many beginnings and so many endings
So many seasons taking place before our very eyes

Can you see it?

Friday, November 28, 2008

My Eyes

Regret is stronger than hate. With hate, one can change through knowledge, with regret one can never change what has been done.

© Alya Landry 2008

Fade to Black

The streets busy and rustling with the sounds that to the recluse would seem almost unbearable. The the streets that live and breathe, there is something electric here, something that feels strangley like another time and place. A place where women sat with big hats that hid shameful pasts at the bar with their crossed fornicated legs tempting the poor old sap to play her game. She knows all the rules. He loses and she starts again.This place reminds me of present reailty fading to black and white -where the once live streets breathe a slow and purposeful pulse. Where gentleman and ladies were accustomed to being called such. The tip of the hat that bid a good day and a stretch of a hand lent courtesy. I am interrupted by streaks of color that I desperately wish to ignore because this time is peaceful though it feels as though I stand strangely amid chaos. It is kind and though the colors chase me in and out of reality, my soul breathes the same pace as the deliberate pulse that calmly kept alive respect and dignity. And yes, the rustle of the trees are the same, but it is the harsh breeze of polluted streets and indifference that blows past me. I close my eyes so I do not have to feel of see color.

© Alya Landry 2008

Monday, May 5, 2008

My Eyes

My eyes have seen the perils of this life and cruelty of a world that is full of hatered and strife and yet in this very world the very thing that offers none of those things are the very things that have never uttered a word. Those are the things that we only observe in life. I wonder if language didn't exist, would we still find a way to hate each other? I would imagine so, because even the eyes tell of stories of hate.


What My Eyes Have Seen

What My Eyes Have Seen
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