Monday, April 27, 2009

Disconnected- Alya's Rant

Disconnected from myself
Attached to me draped like a cloak
Sharp, piercing daggers of anger consume me
A mirror's reflection reveals something that I do not recognize
My soul, heart and mind warring
Waging combat right here in the space
That peace used to know
Bitterness that won't let go
Or is it that I choose to hold? I don't know
Confused are the eyes that stare strangely at me
A familiar stranger? I am to myself
How can that be?
My cries for help come pouring forth with
Silent, muted screams
I pray to be heard, but no one is listening so it seems
My direction is all but lost
My lungs sting with rage
I can't hold it in because it burns
Where do I turn?...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I wrote this piece for a fellow writer and special person. I wrote it just looking at a photograph of him in black and white...

Quiet still water...
One touch
Peace- disturbed
Ripples of black and white
Painting you wonderful- vividly
Your smile dances with the
Sadness that dwells within me
Without you
I drift off into dreaming
In the height of day
As night falls across your eyes
My wish...
The day has treated you kind
Your voice
Has never echoed
In my space
Yet, I behold your face
Black and white
Speaking what words would only betray
No sound
No laughter
Just you

What My Eyes Have Seen

What My Eyes Have Seen
Alya: Click On Photo To View/Follow PEGS Poets. Enjoy the pics below!

Virgin Steel Lips

Virgin Steel Lips
My Poetic Fear- I Have Yet To Touch It...

Pen And Pad

Pen And Pad
I Reside With My Sin Here...